We are offering

Outsourcing of projects in energetics

Our specialists offer knowledge and experience gained from a wide range of process technologies and projects undertaken in the past.

Our team

Our team consists, at any one time, of approximately 30 highly qualified specialists ready to solve any project problem. Our company has specialists having a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience in all areas associated with, and used on energy and industrial projects. Our specialists have worked on many and varied projects within the Czech Republic and also abroad and where it has been necessary to work in conjunction with a number of major international clients.

Our motto is flexibility. During the process of project solving and which can include site-related problems, AUTCOM is using its own "knowledge-base" tool which is a method of utilising information gathered during the operation of past projects and which is maintained in an internal database. Equally important is the role which communication and cooperation plays within any given project and also between other different projects.



Effective and clear communication is one of the most important factors within the operation of any project. Our specialists are therefore, continuously trained in foreign languages. At present we are able to offer specialists equipped and trained to communicate in the following languages:

  • Czech
  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish


We are offering specialists and engineers in support of our clients in any given phase of a project. Beside other qualifications we are able to provide our clients with following professions:

Personnel for Site management and Commissioning management

AUTCOM sourced some positions in Site management (Commissioning manager, his deputy, commissioning lead engineer) in projects implemented by our clients, such as Fiddlers Ferry FGD project, UK, or the CCPP project Bandirma, Turkey.

Specialists for QI and documentation management

AUTCOM IQ specialists executed the management and maintenance of the implementing documentation and the documentation of start-up and tests, e.g. in the project Fiddlers Ferry, UK, or currently the project Lunen, Germany.

HSE coordinators and officers

In positions “Permit Officer” our specialists ensured the administration of work permits and their control while ensuring and unlocking the technology and electrical parts such as in the projects Fiddlers Ferry, UK, Bandirma, Turkey or currently the project Lunen, Germany. These positions were provided including shifts during the Trial technology operation.

Local coordinators of logistics and customs

AUTCOM has several local coordinators of logistics and business advisers in Turkey – native speakers – with experience from the projects Bandirma, TR and Ambarli, TR. Communication is possible in both English and German.

Process engineers / Commissioning engineers

For the positions of the process engineers AUTCOM has engineers experienced with Coal Fired Power Plants (Boilers and Steam Turbines) and also from combined-cycle plants (HRSG, ST, GT) including the fluidized bed boiler project Tisová, Czech Republic, or recently the heat-recovery boilers (HRSG), steam systems and steam turbines from the projects Bandirma and Ambarli, Turkey. We can also offer process engineers with knowledge of FGD systems, with experience mainly with wet technology from the projects in Turkey, Bulgaria, UK and Germany.

Supervisors and Process systems and Machinery specialists

AUTCOM provides positions of so-called “System Commissioning Engineers“ in almost all its projects. Our specialists have experience in supervision of installation, individual testing, commissioning and trial operations of different technological sub-systems, whether the major technology systems (supply and condensation pumps, injections, boiler systems, blowers, conveyors, crushers and mills, fans, electro filters, water and condensate treatment, waste water treatment, cooling, FGD etc.) or the supporting systems (HVAC, fire protection systems, compressor rooms, gas stations, analysers etc.) from many projects in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Supervisors and Electrical specialists

AUTCOM specialists have extensive experience in the supervision of installation, individual testing and start-up and operation of HV electrical equipment (supervision and start-up of 400kV substation, Bandirma), MV equipment (supervision of installation of 6.3kV substations Fiddlers Ferry, Bandirma, testing and operating of 6.3kV substations Fiddlers Ferry, Bandirma and others), LV equipment (supervision of installation and testing of 0.4kV, 220VDC, UPS substations and others on many projects), the supervision of installation and commissionong and maintenance of MV/LV motors, frequency converters. They can also offer experience in the supervision of installation, including necessary design changes of cable routes and systems.

I&C Supervisors and I&C Commissioning Engineers

AUTCOM specialists have extensive experience in the supervision of installation, individual testing, field calibrations, troubleshooting on site and maintenance of the equipment of field instrumentation of many projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. During executions of their duties they met and gained experience with the equipment of many manufacturers in the world (AUMA, E+H, SIEMENS, Foxboro, ABB, Rotork and many others) including special equipment such as process analysers, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators etc. They also performed the supervision and physical implementation of the loop-check tests (including I/O cards DCS) including the preparation of documentation.

Specialists and HW/SW engineers for DCS and PLC

AUTCOM has specialists for the supervision and testing of Control systems who gained their experience during the coordination and management of complex testing of DCS systems from different manufacturers (SIEMENS, WESTINGHOUSE, METSO, EMMERSON and others)such as the projects Fiddlers Ferry, Bandirma or Slovnaft. AUTCOM PLC specialists participated in PLC program development and testing of DCS/PLC of various sub-systems, their connection in DCS data communication and others.

Process and operational chemists

AUTCOM process chemists participated as the supervisors of chemical cleaning of boilers in the projects Bandirma and Ambarli, TR including the treatment and control of wastewater. Further in these projects they participated in the start-up and operation of boilers (water analysis, fuel analysis, treatment and control of boiler water), the supervision of commissioning and operation of water treatment plants, condensate and wastewater, cooling water chlorination, dosing of FeSO4 and others.

Operating personnel for testing and trial operation of technology

AUTCOM sourced the testing and trial operation of the technology on many projects. It concerned technology shift operators (boilers, turbines, BOP, FGD), shift leaders, shift electrical and mechanical engineers and others.

Specialists for supervision of technology equipment during warranty period

AUTCOM specialists executed the supervision of all equipment on such projects Kemerkoy FGD, TR or Yenikoy FGD, TR. The work responsibilities were the supervision of all equipment and its regular and emergency maintenance, providing spare parts while ensuring compliance with the contractual parameters (efficiency and usability FGD) throughout the warranty period. The result of this activity was to minimize the final client’s claims to compensation by the contractor of the project.

Our Technology and Equipment

AUTCOM places not only a high level of importance on the qualification and skills of our engineers, but also on the quality of their equipment. Our specialists are, therefore, always equipped with high-end instruments for use within their work. Mostly, we use technology of FLUKE, NEWPORT and OMEGA brands. As an example, we are using our own Thermo-imaging devices, devices for Vibrations analysis and balancing of rotating machinery, Endoscopy, Electrical and Earth grid analysis, Laboratory and Field calibrations etc. All our equipment is registered and put through authorised calibration test on a regular basis.